Molecular Meditation

Orly Anan
Brandon Valdivia & Enrique Alba


Posted: March 19, 2021
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Molecular Meditation is an audio-visual exploration designed to manipulate the human brain to dive into a deep meditation conceptualized by Mexico City-based creative director and visual artist Orly Anan.

Anan, who has collaborated with the likes of Lido Pimienta, Annie Leibovitz, and Missy Elliot, has now partnered with Toronto-based sound master Brandon Miguel Valdivia and New York-based video artist Enrique Alba to examine the mood ‘surreal’ through their complementary artistic mediums. The project allows for a deep, transcendental experience.

Myself, Brandon, and Enrique view our triangular partnership as a constellation—each star shines bright and has its own world, and together we create something beautiful and distinctive.
— Orly Anan
The music and the visuals are so layered and textural, there’s no telling what each person will see, hear, and feel and how they will interpret their experience.
— Brandon Valdivia

Artist Information


Orly Anan is a Colombian/Israeli visual artist and Art Director interested in the mysticism implicated in everyday life, she is currently experimenting with the intersection of ritual and popular culture, as well as Anthropocosmic Surrealism. Her research has led her to explore the traditions of various countries, from Asia to Latin America, these cultures being her main inspiration. She currently has a studio in Mexico City. She has collaborated with the likes of Lido Pimienta, Annie Leibovitz, and Missy Elliot.


Brandon Miguel Valdivia and Enrique Alba collaborated on Molecular Meditation with Orly Anan. Brandon created the audio composition for the piece, while Enrique collaborated with Orly in directing and editing the project. Brandon is a drummer, percussionist, flautist, and composer from Toronto. Brandon has recorded with artists such as U.S. Girls, A Tribe Called Red, Jeremy Dutcher, and Lido Pimienta, he has amassed numerous Polaris Prize shortlist nominations, 2 Polaris Prize winners, and one Juno Award-winning album. Enrique Alba is a New York-based, Los Angeles-born multimedia and digital artist interested in the visual integration of Chicano culture and technology.