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Madrona Redhawk
Ines Alpha


Posted: September 13, 2021
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Collaboration 005 pairs two boundary-pushing beauty creators, Ines Alpha (Paris) and Madrona Redhawk (Las Vegas) who used different mediums in different parts of the world, to create a celestial face-filter collaboration

“This collaboration skewed from my normal process, which is raw, unplanned, and internally inspired,” says Madrona Redhawk. “I tried to maintain those values while taking into account Ines’ needs and aesthetic and our shared feeling of ‘otherworldliness’."

Since I never do makeup on anyone but myself, I’m excited to see my look come alive on the faces of others.
— Madrona Redhawk

They share the idea that beauty is not one thing, nor is it uniform, but it should always be fun. The two have collaborated before, without ever meeting. This time, they worked closely from 8,000 kms apart—under the guiding mood of ‘otherworldly’ to imagine how humans could look in another dimension without norms and genders, a world of total aesthetic freedom.

“I’m thankful to live in a time where it's possible to collaborate with people from different cultures and backgrounds; it's inspiring and uplifting,” says Ines Alpha. “I’m a huge fan of Madrona’s work. It’s not only captivating but plays with beauty standards in unconventional and confusing ways, which aligns with my own ethos."

Anyone can and should be able to, wear makeup and now anyone can play with our creation and be transported to another world.
— Ines Alpha

Find the ᎧᖶᕼᘿᖇᘺᎧᖇᒪᕲᒪᖻ Face filter on Instagram on @planet.huh

Artist Information


Madrona Redhawk is a surrealistic-inspired makeup look creator and performance artist. A 1/3 Native American, originated from the tribes Choctaw, Creek, and Shawnee. Kansas-born and Las Vegas high school senior, Madrona is quickly getting recognition from the industry for her eclectic mix of purposeful facepaint masterpieces and unique artistry.


Ines Alpha is a 3D artist based in Paris. She likes to create enchanted and fantastic versions of reality. She started experimenting with 3D while working as an art director in advertising, specializing in beauty and luxury. Her first notable 3D work was the “Baby F-16" video clip, an AR experiment she directed with Panteros666. Her main body of work consists of the “3D makeup” series, where she pushes further the boundaries of makeup and beauty using 3D software and augmented reality. She tries to fantasize what complete aesthetic freedom of one’s appearance would look like. Her goal is to encourage a fun and creative approach to makeup and self-expression.