Baños Señorial

Curated by Juan Fortis

Posted: March 5, 2021
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Bath house culture in Mexico City has its history. Many decades ago many neighbourhoods didn’t have access to running water so bath houses were created all over to provide with bathroom and shower services.
— Juan Fortis

Times have changed and out of 250 bathhouses, only 40 remain now, most servicing now in the cruising scene.

Baños Señorial continues to exist, in the middle of downtown Mexico City and it's a bathhouse where you can rent a private sauna booth, get a massage or even book a Jacuzzi for a couple of hours for, well, whatever reason you’d like and imagine. (It’s a great place to after-party I hear).

Written by: Juan Fortis

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I'm a fag Salvadorean immigrant living in Mexico City with a passion for creating community through cultural gatherings. I started djing after studying in London and wanting to bring back some of that feeling and music. I have a passion for sharing, exploring, and learning how to continue to create in these new times.