Dorian Ulises

Curated by Juan Fortis

Posted: March 5, 2021
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A project of more than 800 portraits of Mexican men and women captured in street style fashion challenging big paradigms of how we define beauty.
— Juan Fortis

Dorian is a photographer who has chosen to look within Mexico for beauty, not an easy feat considering Mexico's fashion industry sadly caters to more European beauty standards. His personal project ‘Mexicano’ does just that.

I luckily worked with him on a shoot for Schon Magazine assisting on the very expensive clothing that model Sara Esparza would don in a road trip across the capital.

Written by: Juan Fortis

Cover Photo by: Dorian Ulises

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I'm a fag Salvadorean immigrant living in Mexico City with a passion for creating community through cultural gatherings. I started djing after studying in London and wanting to bring back some of that feeling and music. I have a passion for sharing, exploring, and learning how to continue to create in these new times.