La Cañita

Curated by Juan Fortis

Posted: March 5, 2021
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A queer marisqueria. Yes, a queer marisqueria (seafood place) in La Doctores, adjacent but completely different than trendy af neighborhood Roma Norte.
— Juan Fortis

La Cañita is a space for the community to eat, drink and get together. Having queer spaces beyond late-night raves is important and La Cañita is a great addition to the landscape.

Serving affordable Veracruz-style seafood, with cute music and a small dance floor, it's a tasty place to go and support. They do a Cevichela - A michelada with a ceviche chilling on top which is quite iconic.

Written by: Juan Fortis

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I'm a fag Salvadorean immigrant living in Mexico City with a passion for creating community through cultural gatherings. I started djing after studying in London and wanting to bring back some of that feeling and music. I have a passion for sharing, exploring, and learning how to continue to create in these new times.