Pasaje Yucatan

Curated by Juan Fortis

Posted: March 5, 2021
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Although many smells are particular to this city, the one I'm gonna evoke here is one of fried cheese. There's this area close to Zocalo where most of the streets sell decorations, one corridor has one of my absolute favourite snacks in the city. Great munchies.
— Juan Fortis

On Pasaje Yucatan, one corridor away from Tabaqueros, where the iconic venue for Sunday Sunday was, (a party held at the top of a building you'd have to walk through the alleyway filled with decorations, find a door and take the elevator to the top floor) lies snacks heaven.

A food corridor filled with tacos, tostadas, flautas, gorditas, and some desserts. A big pot of boiling oil stands where fried quesadillas are constantly being fished out.

A snack you eat standing up with some green salsa on top and then carry on with your day. The smell brought me there and most times when I walk by I can't resist and get one.
— Juan Fortis

Written by: Juan Fortis

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I'm a fag Salvadorean immigrant living in Mexico City with a passion for creating community through cultural gatherings. I started djing after studying in London and wanting to bring back some of that feeling and music. I have a passion for sharing, exploring, and learning how to continue to create in these new times.