El Insulto

Curated by Juan Fortis

Posted: March 5, 2021
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El Insulto is a platform dedicated to the recovery, conservation, and promotion of an archive on documents about sexual culture within circulation in Mexico in the twentieth century.
— Juan Fortis

It is a political and intellectual response to the absence of such a space, where one can go to encounter the erotic past and reactivate emotional relationships with the materials.

Archivo El Insulto focuses its collection on printed material from the twentieth century within Mexican circulation. It currently holds approximately 4,000 publications –books, magazines, and other ephemera–, 500 photographs and postcards, a dozen three-dimensional objects, and it continues to grow.

They used to throw parties once in a blue moon and to be completely honest, I had never been to a party that fostered this kind of sexual energy, openness, and debauchery for everyone interested in sexual culture.

Written by: Juan Fortis

Cover photo by El Insulto

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I'm a fag Salvadorean immigrant living in Mexico City with a passion for creating community through cultural gatherings. I started djing after studying in London and wanting to bring back some of that feeling and music. I have a passion for sharing, exploring, and learning how to continue to create in these new times.