Severe Nature

Curated by Jess Chibueze

Posted: January 28, 2021
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Disquiet is associated with anxiety and uneasiness but bear with me as I use this mood to describe "disruption". Severe Nature is a brand that was birthed in Canada and decided to make Nigeria its second home. Since migrating to Lagos, the Severe Nature brand has disrupted the streetwear scene and caused disquietness amongst its peers.

From the textile and material they use, to the feelings you experience when their pieces touch your body, Severe Nature Nigeria does an apt job of evoking numerous emotions in myself and their customers.
— Jess Chibueze

They were the first brand to take me in as family when I moved to Lagos. They were the community I needed as I found my footing in the city.

Words and Photos by Jess Chibueze

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Jess Chibueze is a music curator and lifestyle & cultural influencer currently existing in Lagos, Nigeria. Originally born in Virginia, USA, curiosity, and passion sparked her desire to make Lagos home in 2016. Since then, a culmination of music, podcasting, and lifestyle content creation have been the mediums she's used to participating in Lagos' volatile yet peculiarly intoxicating society. Jess currently contributes to her city as a music curator promoting music on her playlists "The Flexlist" and "Crude Oil: Drill World". In addition to curating music, Jess uses the experiences of her life to create Lagos-focused lifestyle content for brands such as Nike, Jameson Whiskey, Beats by Dre, and Farfetch.