Ethereal: 'Afterglow' music video

Luna Li
Rosanna Peng


Posted: October 23, 2020
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To me, the mood "ethereal" is an otherworldly energy we exude when we are at peace with ourselves.
— Rosanna Peng
After coming out on the other side of a tough and painful experience, I felt the “Afterglow” - a celebration of resilience and a realization of self love.
— Luna Li

RP: The 'Afterglow' music video is a world and concept based on tackling our own negative beliefs as artists. In the film, Luna Li plays an ethereal "godmother" figure to 3 artists painting their self-portrait. Each of the paintings come to life and the artists are faced with their own self-doubt.

RP: The film aims to inspire any of us that are trying to break through from destructive self-criticism to step into love and acceptance. When we can fully love ourselves, this creates a safe space for others to as well.

LL: I wrote this song about realizing my own self worth and learning how to love myself.

Artist Information


Through her music, singer/ songwritter Luna Li is making changes to create an inclusive and safe music scene for all people. Her shows aim to create a supportive environment where everyone and anyone can feel welcome. Listening to Luna Li is the moment you hang suspended between dream and a haziness, or when you’re dancing through a slight tipsiness. You feel beautiful, confident, happy. This is Luna Li and she’s here to help you love.


Rosanna is a Director based in Los Angeles by way of Vancouver and Toronto, Canada. Her body of commercial work consists of beauty, lifestyle, and fashion films. Rosanna has a passion for sharing marginalized stories through unique perspectives. Since her self-taught beginnings she has worked in the industry for nearly a decade and has collaborated with global brands. Some off-screen hobbies include running and painting.