Fête de la Musique

Curated by Enfant Précoce

Posted: September 13, 2021
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Every 21th june France celebrates « La fête de la musique » . This is a day of music celebration everywhere in France.

I love the emulsion that provides Paris during that day, it’s like everyone feels unite and peaceful with only one objective: enjoying the music.

The city becomes an ambulant festival, you can find different types of music, rap, reggae, jazz, classical music… it’s like a unique musical world that lasts 1 day where people reconnect.

Usually, I go to the Jah Jah festival or to any events that Pigalle Paris (created by Stephane Ashpool) built for the occasion.

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About the Author

Enfant Précoce is a painter, born in Cameroon in 1989. He discovered art with his uncle Malam Essoua, a sculptor, whose life as a free artist inspired him. And, he dances. This first love for movement led Francis Essoua alias Enfant Précoce to paint, with which he fell in love in 2013. His canvases mix bodies, sometimes stretched, sometimes relaxed, hands apart, legs projected between African faces and masks. A thousand and one colors bloom. It is the color of Enfant’s tales. Enfant Précoce tells us stories that touch on the universal. The world takes the form of a myth animated by its characters like apparitions captured in color and disproportion. The storyteller's voice is in our eyes. Everywhere they look. He questions, he evaluates. Something of a presence, the gesture, inhabits his creations, apparently spontaneous, but which, nevertheless, obey a constraint. And while Enfant Précoce shares, Enfant Précoce goes on a quest. Triangles nose, clover nose; fleshy or scarlet mouths; large hands and open hands; flower garden… he explores. His paintings are an invitation to decipher signs, rebuses, symbols; an invitation to play on cultural variations. 
In the end, obviously, the emotion.