Mercado Sonora

Curated by Juan Fortis

Posted: March 5, 2021
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Within Mercado La Merced, crossing the road you find Mercado Sonora. On the outside, giant stuffed animals, toys, and banners are being sold, but getting to the furthest right side of it gets you to the aisles devoted to the practice of magic, white magic, santeria, shamanism, and more.

You can get your tarot cards read, get a cleanse or ask for guidance from a witch.
— Juan Fortis

Bags filled with herbs saying they'd cure ailments, candles with different wishes, for luck in love, or money and figurines, those of Santa Muerte and gnomes fill-up the corridors with a smell of incense, candles burning, and other mysterious oddities. You can see dead animals hanging, snakeskin, birds and it provides services also.

A side of the city not many get to see, some might even deem dangerous, Mercado Sonora carries this mysticism which can be easily judged on the outside, especially by foreign eyes.

But looking at these customs each person chooses to practice with respect, we can have an approach with a different perspective.
— Juan Fortis

Written by: Juan Fortis

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